Sailor Stars #176:
“Justin’s Rough Day”

“Just me? What did I do wrong this time?” – Justin


Justin, Jordan, and Julian are the newest stars of a local director’s musical. While the director feels Justin isn’t taking it seriously, and her pestering begins to take its toll! To make matters more complicated, Iron Mouse is on the prowl for yet another Power Crystal, and is hoping that this mysterious musical director has the ticket into Galaxia’s good books. When she finally makes a move, Justin is drawn into the battle! Will Sailor Moon arrive in time?


Original Title: “Fighter’s Secret Identity! The Shocking Super Transformation”
Working Title: “A Fighter’s Secret”
Episode #: 176 (5.10)
Release Date: December 27, 2014
Video: 1.33:1, 540p
Audio: English 2.0
Running Time: 24 mins
Download: Uncut Ver. | TV Edit Ver. (TBA)

Serena – Mippa
Amy – Mippa
Raye – Meg Lindsey
Lita – Caroline Marshall
Mina – DaelynD
Justin – Magic Kaito


Julian – EileMonty
– Amelia L.
Iron Mouse – Lynett
Sister Angela – KendraKei
Sailor Director – KendraKei
Girl Student – Amelia L.


Producer – Corza Moon
Script WritersJuan Broyles, PJ Lincoln, Mippa, EdCaoArtist

Script EditorCorza Moon, Nyann Smith
CastingKaydeen Rowe, Corza Moon, Nyann Smith
Audio/Video MixerCorza Moon
Graphic ArtistsShaun Nox, Corza Moon, Brendan Penny
Creative Consultant – Shaun Nox
Production SupervisorGabriel Durie, Shaun Nox, Nyann Smith, Ezza

English LyricsBattedr, Irulanne
English VocalsIrulanne

I hope ya’ll get more out soon. And I wanted to let you know that of all fan dubs I’ve seen ya’ll are the most talented and the most realistic. It takes a lot to do something like this, especially with all the limited resources and voice actors. So no matter the criticism may get there are many of us that are not only grateful but know how much you do.

Katy Leaton

thank you so much for doing this. It’s been so long to finally see the sailor moon all the way through I grow up watching it with my younger sister. Her and I love it. So I hope all of your cast and crew keep doing great. Please all of you we hope you can make everyone happy like we are.
Thank you.

Michael Bouldin