Sailor Moon #20:
“A Ghastly Vacation”


It was supposed to be a relaxing summer break, but trouble always seems to follow Serena and the girls. This time it’s a spooky spectre, but is it from the Negaverse? If not, then where did this supernatural monster come from? Are the girls trained and equiped to be ghost-busters?


Original Title: “The Summer! The Beach! Youth! And Ghosts”
Episode #: 20 (1.20)
Release Date: March 18, 2023
Video: 1.33:1, 1080p (upconverted)
Audio: English 2.0
Running Time: 24 mins
Download: Uncut Ver. | TV Edit Ver. (TBA)

Serena – Maidays
Amy – Elishka Baer
Raye – Michelle Sellers
Luna – Jaime Heck
Samantha – Jacqueline Saldaña

Cast cont.
Samantha’s Dad
– Steve Stanley
Vampire Hostess – Winter Noël
Monster Chef – Jeffry Tito Saenz
Werewolf Bellboy – Josh Portillo

Producer – Corza Moon
Script Writer – Frank Ramirez
Script Editor – Corza Moon
Casting – Corza Moon, Kaydeen Rowe, Nyann Smith, Zmand97
Audio/Video Mixer – Corza Moon
Graphic Artists – Corza Moon, Nyann Smith
Production Supervisors – Austinatious, Frank Ramirez, John Rose

Been waiting a looong time to see Serena get hit many times with a beachball but wonderful to see in the end. A real great effort and sure makes up for mistakes over 25 years ago now
John R.

Wow, with this done, every forgotten episode has been dubbed to flow with the original DiC release 💙 and they all feel so authentic!
Frank R.