Hope everyone is having a good 2022 so far! This year will be a big one for us, as we have multiple episodes being worked on at once. The release dates will be scattered across the 4 quarters of 2022, but here’s what you have to look forward to.

Currently dubbing

  • #5: “Pet Shop of Horrors”
  • #6: “Cupid’s Melody”
  • #20: “A Ghastly Vacation”
  • #45: “Day of Destiny – Part 1”
  • #46: “Day of Destiny – Part 2”
  • #67: “Dino Dilemma”
  • #187: “Batter up, Sailor Moon!”
  • #188: “Scouts on a Plane”
  • R Movie Short
  • SuperS Special #1

Some of the above episodes are at 90% complete, and some are a little less. They are coming along well, and I can’t wait to show you the finish products!


Scripts in Progress:

  • #193: “Too Many Princesses”
  • #194: “Legend of the Sailor Wars”
  • #195: “Galaxia Rising”
  • #196: “A Time of Darkness”
  • #197: “In a Galaxy Not so Far Away”
  • #198: “A Trick for the Worse”
  • #199: “The Light of Hope”
  • #200: “Love Conquers All”

Thank you for your constant support. We appreciate you a lot!
I will post any other news and sample clips on our facebook page (link at the top of the site), so don’t forget to make sure you’re following us on there.

Take care!

– Corza Moon