Now that Toei have released all the Sailor Moon films (& shorts) in HD, it was time that Amy’s First Love got a remaster!

We’re using the remastered newly scanned source from the Toei blu-rays released in Japan. For the first time we are releasing Amy’s First Love in Full-High Definition (1920×1080) which is more than double the resolution of our original production. It’s a beautiful crystal clear image, and we have also touched up the audio with a 2.0 channel stereo track @ 48kHz. You will see and hear the difference!

It is now available for direct download via the Classic, R & Shorts page. Enjoy!

I look forward to later in the year/early next year for Sailor Stars (& SuperS specials) to get an upscaled HD release, so we can update our older episodes.

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Thank you all.

~ Corza Moon