Classic, R & SPECIALS Episodes

A list of episodes from season 1 (Sailor Moon), season 2 (Sailor Moon R), and specials from R & SuperS dubbed or planned for dubbing by Fighter4Luv Fandubs. Because of syndication restrictions, these episodes were originally cut from DiC's initial release, so we're filling in the gaps! Please check back later for updates.

2: House of Misfortune

5: Pet Shop of Horrors

6: Cupid’s Melody

20: A Ghastly Vacation

  • dubbing in progress 89% 89%

42: Venus’ Love Triangle

45: Day of Destiny, Pt. 1

46: Day of Destiny, Pt. 2

67: Dino Dilemma

Sailor Scouts, Transform!

Sailor Moon Super S: The Special

  • script/dubbing in progress 80% 80%

SS The Special, Pt. 1
Phases of the Moon

SS The Special, Pt. 2
The Puppet’s Master

SS The Special, Pt. 3

Rini’s Vampire Diary

Amy’s First Love