Sailor Moon Super S:
The Special


In this 50 minute TV Special, we take a stroll down memory lane through the adventures of Serena as Sailor Moon up until the 4th season. Amara and Michelle are tormented by a disturbing wooden puppet, and Rini comes face to face with a vampire! Can ya get any more special than this?!


Original Title: “Sailor Moon SuperS Special”
Release Date: Q4 2023
Video: 1.33:1, 1080p (upconverted)
Audio: English 2.0
Running Time: 49 mins
Status: Dubbing in progress
Download: Uncut Ver. (TBA)

Serena – CrystalAvenger, Mippa
Rini – Catzilla, Nyann Smith
ArtemisMike McGann

Amy Mippa, Subergirl
Raye – Ashley Heart
Lita – Caroline Marshall

Mina – DaelynD

Tuxedo Mask – Luke Ralph

Amara – Samantha Sterling
Amara (add.) – Baz M
Michelle – Cathy Rinella

Ventriloquist – Shockdingo

Dummy – BrandonM
Maid – Gina Vitti
Mrs. Jones – TygerChickChibi
Lilica – Eku Egao
Melissa – Mindy Owen
Isaac – Mike-Sempai
Male Student – Shockdingo
Kyle – AnyProblems123
Female Student – Gina Vitti
Zirconia – Peter Catlow
Tiger’s Eye – Colin J. Morris
Hawk’s Eye – Chris Yeschenko
Fisheye – Ivana Santini

Producer – Corza Moon
Script Writer – Frank Ramirez, Shaun Nox, Edcaoartist 

Script Editor – Corza Moon
Casting – Corza Moon, Kaydeen Rowe, Nyann Smith, Zmand97
Audio/Video Mixer – Corza Moon
Graphic Artists – Corza Moon, Nyann Smith
Production Supervisors – Austinatious, Frank Ramirez

The additional clip-show dialogue in this episode is from recordings of the original English dub produced by Optimum Productions for DIC Productions, L.P., and Cloverway Inc. (1995-2000). All rights reserved to those respective licensing and production companies.